To be the leading association in the Agricultural Industry, empowering
    its members to provide sustainable solutions.



The South African Agricultural Machinery Association (SAAMA) is the official body representing new agricultural machinery manufacturers, importers and builders. SAAMA was founded in 1985.

As the official body, SAAMA serves as a combined forum for the agricultural machinery industry in South Africa in which the interests of its members and agriculture as a whole are addressed, promoted and developed.

SAAMA promotes and co-ordinates the collection, processing and publication of agricultural machinery industry statistics.

The SAAMA technical working group focuses on providing direction and support for practical compliance to existing and new legislation which may affect members and their customers.


For the agricultural machinery industry to be perceived as a supplier of key technology to the regional economy - with SAAMA as an, in demand, partner on the National and Regional economic stage.

Value Proposition

  • Empower members to sustainably provide equipment to support efficient, productive and socially relevant farming practices.
  • Provide direction and support to members for the practical compliance to existing and new legislation which may affect members and their customers.
  • SAAMA advocates on behalf of member businesses, raising shared business challenges with relevant government representatives.
  • Partner with Government and other industry role players to provide direction and advice for agricultural policy at all levels.
  • Co-ordinates responses and campaigns to mitigate and manage common threats and challenges facing the industry and the association’s members.
  • Initiate dialog and activities which will further the interests of equipment manufacturers, importers and builders.
  • Provide a representative and unified voice to engage with Government and other industry role players.
  • Protect the industry and farmers from Grey imports and unethical traders by encouraging and promoting consumer support for members committed to the association’s constitution and code of conduct.
  • Provide a source for accurate equipment statistics which will be available to members in-line with individual member’s contribution and requirements.